3D Printer

3d printer form 2

Formlabs Form2

The Form 2 brings powerful 3D printing to your dental business. Its speed, precision, andcompact footprint make it perfect for dental practices and labs. With the Form 2, you caneasily and reliably produce precise surgical guides, retainers, aligners, and more.

Structo Orthoform

The Structo OrthoForm 3Dprinter is designed for the rapid manufacturing of dental moulds, which can be used in secondary processes like vacuum forming. The adoption of digital  dentistry is no longer a cause for concern with our unique proprietary MSLA technology which enables the Orthoform to achieve record breaking speeds, much faster than existing SLA printers. The end result is higher throughput and lower costs, all without compromising on print quality.

Structo Dentaform

The Structo DentaForm is designed from the ground up for the high speed manufacturing of precision models for die fitting. Capable of printing up to 50 micrometers (XY) resolution, the DentaForm is built to ensure that every intricate detail in your digital models is captured in the final printed models. Built with our proprietary Mask Stereolithography (MSLA) technology, the Dentaform is capable of achieving record breaking print speeds even at 50 micormeters (XY) print jobs. All in a small footprint that is ergonomically designed to fit into any existing workflow with ease.

Curing Chambers

4Qube Rapid Cure

The curing unit is developed for polymerization of dental composite and resin – harden impression tray, forming crown, bridge, artificial gingival and denture finishing etc. It is used in dental lab technology and equipped with state-of-the-art electronic components.

Contact a 4Qube Cad/Cam Specialist for more information.


The LC 3DPrint Box is a revolutionary UV curing unit, specially designed for post curing 3D printing materials. The new LC 3DPrint Box is equipped with 12 UV light bulbs which are strategically placed inside the unit. This ensures that a product is illuminated from all directions, which results in a quick and uniform curing cycle.